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Whether it’s a conference, seminar, product launch, or team-building event, we offer professional corporate catering experiences across London that are designed to impress.

We work closely with you to craft a unique and captivating culinary concept and provide innovative ideas to elevate your event to the next level.

From theming and décor to additional flourishing touches, we create an immersive atmosphere to bring your event to life.

We take great pride in our visually stunning grazing table and platter spreads with bespoke menus that harmonise flavours, and showcase the finest ingredients whilst satisfying dietary preferences.

Our dedicated event specialists will oversee every aspect, ensuring a flawless execution and a memorable experience for all.

Event Catering in London for Bumble

We were thrilled to be entrusted with the task of curating a remarkable event catering spread for Bumble’s 350 guests at their vibrant London offices. 

At Flourish Grazing Events, we believe in going beyond ordinary to create an extraordinary culinary experience that aligns seamlessly with our clients’ brand, ethos, and message. 

For this exclusive event, we delved deep into Bumble’s essence to craft a bespoke corporate catering solution that not only satisfies the palate but also embodies the spirit of their innovative brand.

Bumble’s event food brief: 

Bumble CEO: Create the ultimate WOW factor with an irresistible grazing spread that rewards and recognises our valued staff.

Our brief was clear: to create an exceptional grazing spread that would leave Bumble’s employees feeling recognised and rewarded. But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to infuse every detail with Bumble’s vibrant brand identity.

We embarked on a journey to understand Bumble’s essence, immersing ourselves in their brand colour palette and key messages. 

To bring their brand to life in the corporate grazing spread, we carefully incorporated their vibrant colours through thoughtfully chosen flowers and foliage. 


Extra flourishing catering touches:

Through further research we found out what Bumble strives for and what is key to their business. The following quote stood out on their website:

Healthy relationships are central to living a positive, productive life.’ 

To incorporate this message we researched specific foods that can help with productivity, increase energy, and support a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. 

We then included these ‘super foods’ in a bespoke brunch menu, highlighting their individual health benefits, so that it aligned imaginatively with Bumble’s key message.

The final stage was to ensure we delivered the ultimate statement corporate grazing event. 

Locally sourced honeycomb frames were the perfect showstopper and tied in perfectly with the Bumble brand – they certainly created a buzz! 

After visiting the Bumble office we were able to design and map out the display ensuring that it was beautiful, yet functional for many guests to navigate around.

The result? A visually stunning and mouthwatering feast that showcases Bumble’s brand, making the entire experience a true celebration of their unique identity

The team at Bumble were delighted with their experience:

‘Just want to say a massive thank you to you all, for your display and hospitality yesterday. We were very pleased with how it went, and the spread was delish I hope you had a good time too.’
Bumble Honeycomb Frames

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