While still using the art of tablescape, our savoury grazing platter spreads allow us to combine different menus onto boards and have them readily prepared before we arrive.


Savoury Grazing for Occasions

A savoury grazing board or platter is the perfect catering choice for easy working lunches, social gatherings and corporate events where you want the food to taste as good as it looks.

We take pride in curating savoury platters that showcase the rich tapestry of flavors sourced from the best local artisans. Every ingredient tells a story, carefully selected from leading local suppliers who share our commitment to quality.

From artisanal cheeses  to perfectly cured meats , each element is a testament to our dedication to bringing you the finest in every bite.

We still apply the extra flourishing touches to suitably dress and style your event with fresh foliage for texture and visual appeal.

Savoury Grazing Platter Ideas

We have created a variety of savoury grazing platter menus that will allow you to mix and match options to cover a wider variety of food choices for your guests.

While still using the art of tablescape, we take all of our core designs and ingredients and create an immersive savoury catering experience for your event that typically feeds 6-10 people depending on portion sizes.

We also have a variety of menus available that can be transitioned into a more substantial grazing table experience for larger guest numbers.


The Flourish Platter

Our flourish grazing platter was our first born and original grazing platter taking inspiration from the traditional charcuterie and antipasti boards that sparked our imagination to create our innovative grazing catering company offering delicious food as an art form across London and Kent.

This is our signature platter full of savoury goodies. Brimming with homemade sausage rolls, gooey scotch eggs, a selection of finest cheeses, italian meats and antipasti. Suitable for 6-8 people depending on portion sizes.


The Savoury Platter

This delicious platter is designed to accommodate a more typically British palette and includes a range of savoury favourites including sausage rolls, scotch eggs, pork pies and quiches.


Bread and Open Sandwich Platters

Our bread platter is designed as an add on to deliver the perfect accompaniment to our charcuterie and antipasti platters and is laden with a selection of stonebaked baguettes, mixed olive ciabatta and pittas served with basil pesto hummus.  Or for an alternative option you can choose our open sandwich platters featuring smoked salmon with cream cheese and cucumber, sliced chicken breast with vine tomotoes and basil pesto and a delightful selection of accompaniments includung fresh figs and grapes.

Savoury Platter Enquiries

Every platter is a celebration of food from locally sourced suppliers and is your invitation to savour life’s celebratory moments.

Explore the art of savoury grazing with us – it’s not just a platter; it’s a visual feast experience. 

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